About Audra


My name is Audra and I love to quilt, bake, game, read AND I have an opinion about everything.

My intent with this page (to start with) is to share my quilts, the stories that go with them and the patterns I used or created.  Yes, I have designed my own quilts before. I also hope to share a little of my life experiences. Sometimes sharing helps.

I live in Maine where the winters are long and boring. My mother and my aunt turned me on to quilting and I’d like to take a moment here to thank them. My mother gave away the sewing machine she gave me so my Aunt Dianne gave me my grandmother’s old sewing machine. It was good to have my own machine and to learn what I would need before I spent any money. I hated my grandmother’s machine (I didn’t like the machine my mother had given me either, for what it’s worth). It had a front loading bobbin which drove me insane!  After a year, I traded it in for my current machine:   A Janome QC 6125 (Quilter’s Companion). Janome no longer makes this machine, but I love it!  It does everything I need.

Janome QC 6125

My Sewing Machine


My current project is curtains for my house. I’ve lived here almost 3 years and I haven’t finished them yet. I’m making them with the combination of the following blocks:

This one

With the “square in a square” in the corners, this block is beautiful, but a pain to make.

This one

I believe this is the “Card Trick” block.

I’ll post pictures when they are done.  I found the blocks in a book of 9 patch blocks. I hope to have them done soon.

Enough about me for now. Please feel free to leave a comment!



Update on the curtains……. 

As of 10/10/14 they are not done yet. I had made a bit of progress, but realized I had some pieces cut too small and I hadn’t cut enough. I do not have a sewing station set up and I just don’t have time. I really want them finished so that may be something I’ll be doing in December.

12/29/2015 – Maybe I’ll get the curtains finished next year. I have finished the curtains for the dining room and am almost finished with the kitchen!

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