It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I figured I can update on my gardening at least. With work and school I have no time for sewing. This saddens me greatly, but I have a goal to reach!

This year started with fewer weeds and some new weeds. I haven’t had much time to spend caring for everything as I took two classes this summer. Weeding has needed to be done for 2 months. 

The front walk early spring 2014

The front walk early spring 2014

I tried to add a few lilac bushes, but the dogs got to them. One may have survived, I’m not really sure yet. Next year I’ll know more. 

These two died even though I attempted to keep the dogs out of it.

These two died even though I attempted to keep the dogs out of it.

The Rhubarb started out looking very sad. By May it was over-flowing. I had plenty of rhubarb to share. I made Orange-Rhubarb Jam and Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam. Yummy.





Early May

Early May

Late May

Late May


Up in the front I planted a few more carnations. One died, the other three were bundled together and survived. The two carnations that were planted last year bloomed very nicely.

20140622_190746 20140622_190757 20140622_190734

The pink rose bush died over the winter, sort of. I had to trim all of the branches but it grew in HUGE! The yellow rose bush did just fine.

The burning bush has grown slower than I was anticipating.

The peonies took a long time to grow, then somebody mowed them down with the weed whacker. In his defense, there were also a lot of weeds in there. I’m crossing my fingers they will re-grow next year.

The irises and day lilies all fared well this year. I have one that needs to be cut down that I’m hoping to take care of next weekend.

All of my indoor plants have suffered as well. Mostly because I have a cat that likes to pee in and on things he isn’t supposed to. My peace lily had babies, but is now looking very sad thanks to said cat. The herbs either died or were knocked to the floor by a cat. That one got thrown out by mistake. Not that I was using a lot of chives anyway. My ivy comes and goes with health. I’ve changed the soil and added food, cut off a baby and have waited. So far, so good. I lost one aloe plant and I think I killed all of the orchids. I didn’t like them anyway. Only one of my four african violets survived. It’s looking terrific. The last surviving plant, I have no idea what it is, but is doing fine.

 And finally, this new addition to our deck made outdoor living easier. 



One thought on “Updates

  1. Audra
    Just read your post. I see the strong woman you have become. You are on the right tract. You can’t fix a marriage alone. You have a lot of courage and will make it through tthis bad time. Dealing with a mentally ill person is not easy. It is not only is illness , a big part of it is his selfishness and just being a jerk. Just remember that you have a family that loves you very much. You are on the road to recovery.
    Love you . Aunt C


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