The Peace Lily


The story goes like this:

My uncle (my father’s only brother) died in a drunk driving incident 2 days after my 13th birthday. (Don’t get me started on drunk driving) He had a peace lily (not quite this one) that my Aunt Dianne took, kept, killed a few times but always brought back. My cousin Maxine took over the care for this plant and started “making babies” from it.

I am really good at killing plants. I don’t water them enough, I keep them in containers that are too small and I just plain neglect them. Despite all this, I have 3 plants that are growing and thriving in my apartment. (well, the ivy isn’t looking all that healthy at the moment)

Last May, Maxine presented several family members (including myself) with one of these creations from my uncle’s plant. She had them growing in Mason jars with pretty ribbons attached. I left mine in the jar for several months. It moved with me to Portland. After a few months I noticed there was very little soil and a whole lotta root in the jar.

I purchased a pot, some soil and some gardening tools (mine went missing) and got busy replanting the lily. Upon further examination of the jar, there was no way I was going to get it out without harming the roots. Well, that just wasn’t going to happen!  So what did I do? Yep, I shattered the mason jar, (I love breaking things) carefully removed the plant and placed it into it’s new home.

The cat LOVES this plant. I caught her sleeping in it once. I took my plant stand back from my mother’s house and put the plant on it.  In the kitchen window, the cat knocked it over 3 times. Marc got mad and the plant has been in this corner of the living room since. I can see the plant out of the corner of my eye when at my desk. Even though it isn’t easy to do, the cat still tries to climb in it.

About a week ago, the flower shoot appeared. It took a few days and voila! For the first time (and probably because this location is the best for it) while in my care the plant bloomed!!! I would love to see it fill out a little more. Maybe its time to look up how to care for this plant. 🙂


******  Update  ******

Thanks to a cat who likes to pee on my things the plant has died.

******* /Update *****

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